Sunday, March 05, 2006


yesterday was mikey's tee-ball tryouts. when they called his name to come to the field, he had to catch a ground ball (is that what its called?), hit a ball off the tee, and then run to first base. he did really good and i got all teary eyed when he walked on the field.

he'll find out one day this week what team he is on and then i guess the practices and games begin. i'm so excited for him to play. my brothers played tee-ball and even though i complained about going to the games, there was something about being on a ballfield. the consession stands, the sound of the bat hitting the ball, the cheers from happy parents.

i can't wait.

i will however remember to bring sunblock with me. we were out there for about an hour, but it was cool and breezy so you didn't really feel the sun. well, i'm feeling it now. my back is burnt where my shirt hung down.

after the tryouts, we headed home for some lunch and then met amy at a bridal place to find a dress for bella (she is going to be the flower girl in amy's wedding and i am one of the bridesmaids).

bella didn't want to try the dress on at first but once the shoes with a lil heel came on, she was in hog heaven. i'm glad that we found a dress that we all loved and i could leave with it. the whole ordering thing prolly woulda stressed me out.

one day i'm going to pull this picture out and compare it to a picture that she takes on her wedding day.

oh i better not even think about it or i'll get all weepy ;)


V said...

You are a blogging queen this weekend!!! I need to play catch up on you!! LOL!! And post a few of my own! Your kids are so cute!! You even got my teary eyed!!

deb said...

omg... you're kids are beautiful! I just love the name Bella.. we don't have any kids yet.. but that's right at the top of your girl list. :)

beki said...

Oh my, why di kids have to grow up so fast? Both your children are darling.

Greta said...

i love that dress...and mikey looks like such a pro already