Monday, March 20, 2006


saturday, despite the unseasonably cool weather, we all headed down to the st. patrick's day parade.

of course a few things had to happen first before we got there:

*mike had to get off work
*i had to go to the bank
*went to walmart and ended up cussing out and flippin' off some bitch (yeah, i'm sure people thought "look at that trailer trash mother, cussing in front of her innocent lil kids like that"...oh well, bitch deserved it).
*meet mike at the pd
*eat some burger king which i could barely stomach down (i've been having issues lately with eating out...bring on the o.c.d.)
*meet tom and penny at the pd
*meet greta and the adams' family at the pd
*make sure we could all find a place to park at city hall

we had a load of fun. i love going to the st. paddy's day parade. it is soooo much more family oriented then the mardi gras parades.

here's some pics for your viewing pleasure.

bella having a blast running around.

look at that goodlooking group of folks!

me and the hubbers (love this pic)

another trailer trash moment. lets give our kid an empty beer glass and take a picture and let it look like we let him drink it (and no, he didn't even have a sip).

some of my favorite men in blue. love these guys!

more of my favorite men in blue. in parades past, this woulda been my hubby.

parade shot.

parade shot.

'nother parade shot.

okay, so you may be wondering why i took a pic of this guy. here's the deal. this fine hunka meat (okay, those are his thoughts, not mine) kept walking by us. like every few minutes. wanna know why? well, with that sexy swagger of his, he kept spilling his beer. no shit, by the time he got to where he was supposed to be, he most of only had half a glass of beer. makes you wish the picture could come to life huh?

so that was this past saturday (well not really, after the parade, mike took the kiddos home and me and greta went shopping. since losing weight, i am in dire need of need spring and summer clothes. believe it or not, i didn't even come close to spending my another trip is in order).

hopefully things around blog land will get a lil bit back to "normal". i absolutely hate not blogging.

hope all is well with all ya'll.


beki said...

It looks like you had a fun day. There was no way I could make it to a parade this year.

V said...

YAY!! you are back!!! I was telling Greta you should come up for our parade next year and freally freeze your keesters off!!! We is crazy up North!!! Lots o'cuffs!!

April said...

that pic of you & the hubster is so cute! love it!

glad you had a good st patty's day.