Sunday, March 05, 2006


slowly but surely, i have been trying to get things cleaned up and out of this house. i don't plan on taking everything with me to the new house, so i'm getting rid of things.

i have cleaned out my closet and got rid of all the clothes that no longer fit, there is not one wire hanger or those annoying plastic hangers from the store on my side of the closet, my clothes are organized in catagories in my closet (vintage, sweaters, long sleeved shirt, tshirts, dressy work tops, tank tops, skirts, and pants). i'm hoping that this makes getting ready for work in the a.m. a lil easier. next i'll tackle shoes.

then i did something that i have been wanting to do for some time....organize our dvd collection. we didn't have the best/biggest place to keep the movies so they were all over the place. i decided to buy one of those huge cd organizer cases and put all the dvds in there and get rid of all the cases. i have only done michael's and my dvds, i have to get another organizer for the kiddos movies.



all the cases and crap barely fit into a lawn sized garbage bags (ya know, one of those huge black ones).

if you are dealing with the same problem, i highly suggest doing this. it takes a lil time and the case i got (which holds 256 cds/dvd) was $19.99 at walmart, but it is so worth it. it is going to be so much easier looking for the dvds and our storage problem is gone.

i will probably do this with or cd collection too (esp. since we hardly listen to em anymore now that we have

has anyone else been bitten by the organization bug or do you have any tips to share. especially when it comes to paperwork on the computer desk ;)


V said...

I need to start organizing big time...maybe when you are done you can come help me...I'll pay your plane fare, it's worth it! LOL!!


Amanda said...

I am on the same roll you are. Since we will definitely be moving in June, we spend part of each weekend cleaning out. I took about 8 boxes of stuff to Goodwill in January, and I have 2 more boxes ready to go. Amazing. I refuse to carry all of this crap down the stairs and into a moving van and into another house!

beki said...

Sorry, I wish I had some tips for you! Good for you for making such progress.

julia said...

Oooh, love the organization.

It's a bitch to move, isn't it? At least you'll be in a brand spanking new place, and that's the pay off.

Good luck!

Greta said...

i have a tip for you i saw on someone's blog...when you get your craft room in your new house you go buy some gutters at lowes and paint them whatever you want and put all your ribbons in it....

Laurie Star said...

Hey Elizabeth -

Thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. This is my first circle journal and I'm excited for it but not sure how I'll do. It's fun though!

Also - I am inspired by your organization! I think putting all your stuff in cases is a great idea! What a great space saver. I am always organizing. I think though, that if I got rid of all the colorful boxes my kids would fall into a depression! Ha. My littlest one finds more enjoyment out of the box than the movie! :)