Thursday, March 02, 2006


these are some goodies that i picked up on monday afternoon while picking up some things for my vixen. these are for me i am so diggin' the whole 70's look of everything i picked up.

the books are for bella's bday. i'm so happy to find more of the sesame street series (another series of books that i had when i was lil that i want her to also have).

the baby girl's outfit is so cute. i don't know whether or not i should keep it and hope that the next bug-a-boo is a girl or sell it. tough decision.

the pictured fabric is going to be a purse for my bella-boo.

the placemats are too die for. they are this great rounded diamond shape. great for fall.

the flower material you see is nice stiff curtains. i think i am going to turn those into lil zippered pouches.

anyone else having any great thrift finds lately?

how's everyone doing with their vintage vixen items? i've been surfing around and you gals are getting/giving some great things. hope everyone is having fun with it :)


leya said...

good grief. all of your finds are wonderful, but that sassy yellow outfit takes the cake.

Jennifer said...

Do you use a time machine to get to your thrift store? Honestly, I would probably collapse on the floor if I was so lucky as to find even one of these great items at mine!

joy madison said...

sweet! You found all of them at once? too cool! I did find a bunch of stuff lately...presidents day was a BIG thrift day here: I went to 3 different stores. The best purchase was a Polaroid 230 for my husband!

beki said...

Great finds! If you're really digging the 70's stuff and want to make some, I suggest you check out Jean Ray Laury's books from the 70's. Such cool appliques. You can easily find her out of print books.

Greta said...

Well sista you know how I and please for gawd sake don't dress that baby like big bird...BWHAHAHAHA!!


julia said...

I love your loot! I especially love the yellow outfit! I think that would look soooo cute on a little girl! The little printed patchwork fabric/hanky (?) is adorable.