Friday, March 03, 2006


well to celebrate dr. seuss' bday, mikey's class has been doing activities since yesterday. yesterday they had special guest readers and an outdoor picnic.

today, some of the parents got to come in, read a dr. seuss book, and then do an activity that went with the book. i was one of the parents (its very important to me that despite the fact that i work full-time, that i participate in as many activities as i can. luckily i have the best boss in the whole wide world).

so anyway, my book was "the foot book". believe it or not, a group of lil kids that i don't know kinda make me nervous. i don't know if its the kids so much as it is a group of people i don't know and have to talk to. i was quite impressed with how i did. the kiddos in mikey's class are friggin' amazing. they are these open and outgoing lil creatures that welcome you in to their classroom with open arms. i luv em.

so anyway, i got to do something that i always wanted to do...story time (despite the fact i was a lil nervous, but i had sat in the class while they finished lunch, so i had warmed up).

i read the book and then we all stood in a circle and counted our feet by 2's. then the kiddos got to take off one shoe and sock, trace it, and then make a person outta their foot drawing.

it was a lot of fun and it made me wanna be a kindergarten teacher again. then the kids got a lil rowdy and then i changed my mind.

the only downfall was when i first got there, i was told that mikey had pink eye and that i needed to take him home with me when i left. that was not in the plan. so after "the foot book" and all the stinky foot projects, me and mikey headed back to the police department so i could shut my office down and let everyone (well okay, my boss) know that i was gone for the day. took care of everything there and then me and mikey headed to a local lil italian place for a slice and some gelato while we waited for his rx to get filled.

since his rx still wasn't filled and i wasn't hanging out in walmart for God knows how long, i decided i was going to head to a thrift store in another town that i haven't been to in a couple of years.

can we say i hit the motherload. i thought the one i went to on a pretty regular basis had an assload of books. boy was i wrong. this place had more books then i knew what to do with.

i scored so many older books for the kiddos, i felt like i had won the lottery. i put a few of em away for bella's bday. i think she is going to end up getting one huge box with vintage children's books in em. i was especially ecstatic to get more of the sesame stree book club books like the ones i used to have.

i've got quite the collection of those and the bobbsey twin books that i have got to make a list and keep it in my purse so i don't buy duplicates (which of course is a lesson that i have already learned since i have about 4 duplicates in the bt series). i also need to find out how many are in that particular set of sesame street book club series so i know how many i'm looking for.

after i get all of those, then its on to: sweet valley high, babysitter's club, nancy drew, and fear street books to complete the sets of what i already had from a tween. i swear, bella is going to have quite the collection and nothing makes me happier (now don't get me wrong, i buy great books for mikey too, but i know he doesn't want all my girlie books).

here's some pics of some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure:

while i'm purchasing books, one of the first things that i do is look at the copyright date. i love seeing a date from the 50's or something in there. nothing makes me happier. i also like finding books that were originally from a library and the library card (stamped of course) is in there. i'm thinking of making a scrapbook for bella of all these books that i have collected for her. i'm thinking with the picture of the book, i may type a lil info about the book (maybe about the author, why he/she wrote the story, etc).

of course this won't be a project that i work on for some time, but its an idea.


vicci said...

Elizabeth....I just love all the children's books...I always get some when I hit the thrift stores!! The older the better...I found one the other day from the 40' cool!

anne said...

OMG.. I loooooooved Sweet Valley High books! I need to start hitting thrift stores for cheap books!

Pink Rocket said...

I swear! I need to move by you!! I went thrifting today and found diddly-squat! Just a vintage plastic card table tablecloth that I can't even use 'cause I don't own a card table!

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