Wednesday, March 08, 2006


you wanna know one of the things that i love about life?


i love when people do or say the smallest thing and it comes from out of no where but that lil action makes my heart swell a million times over.

lemme tell you what happened to me today.

last week, one of our lieutenants called my office and asked if i could do him a favor. sure i said. he simply asked me to go to another office and get some pamphlets and place in them in an envelope for his son. his son (college student i believe) had a paper to write and needed them for research. both the lieutenant and his son where changing his son's flat tire and probably weren't going to make to the pd in time before the office that had the information closed.

okay, no biggie. i go to the next office, grab the pamphlets, stuff em in an envy, and bring em downstairs to the front desk.


well, today as i am sitting at my desk, in walks this guy with a box of chocolates and asked if i was elizabeth. my first thought was this was the flower shop that mike had the flowers sent from for valentine's day (mike had ordered the flowers with a box of chocolates, but they were out so they sent balloons).

then this guy explains that he is said lieutenant's son and he wanted to thank me for all my help. can you believe this? i was so shocked i didn't know what to say. of course i told him that he didn't have to do this, but he wanted to show his gratitude. the information was very helpful and got him a B on the paper.

still sitting here in shock saying my "thank you's" over and over again he explains that he had stopped by twice (yes, i said twice) yesterday and i was outta the office. so he made sure to tell me that he put the chocolates in the fridge over night and they should be fine.

isn't this amazing? i think this is a post that i am going to refer when i am feeling shitty with the world. this is a reminder that there are kind and generous people out there that go out of their way to do something for a stranger. this will also make me think about going out of my way a little bit more.

i don't think that i could have thanked him enough. quite frankly i am still in shock over it, but shocked in a good way.

happy hump day!


Greta said...

how cool is that...too bad you gave up chocolate for lent...i'm sure they'll hold just fine for you in the fridge...

shim + sons said...

What a sweet boy! I'm so glad you shared this story.

Jennifer said...

You gave up chocolate for Lent?

joy madison said...

:) lovely!

beki said...

How nice! Things like that really do warm your heart.

lovegreendog said...

wow, that is a really nice thing to read today, thanks~!

V said...

That is sooooooo sweet!!! I think I would have started crying, I seriously can't remember the last time someone did that for me BUT I love being the giver, I love knowing I made someones day or helped in anyway. Feels better than recv'ing sometimes!

And of course this would happen to you, you are so friggen sweet!!!

V said...

PS. OMG! You gave it up for Lent?? I just read Greta's comment! OH MAN!!! Temptation!!

I'm so bad, I didn't give anything up this year. Usually it lasts as long as my New Year's Resolutions and I didn't want that stress this year! I'm so bad, I'm going to hell.

Daph said...

That is so sweet! How nice of him to personally thank you like that, and what an awesome gesture!

Pink Rocket said...

wow! that's so sweet!! ya know what I got today? a snow ball thrown at my window by some crackhead teenager guy driving by me! nice!! at least there's still some nice boys out there! good to hear!