Tuesday, March 07, 2006


okay, so i mentioned yesterday that bella had a stomach bug and that i was going to stay home with her today. i wasn't going to just lay around and do nothing, i had plans baby. big plans.

so its only noon and i have done the following:

*got the kids up and took mikey to daycare
*came back and gave bella a bubble bath due to her waking up covered in shit.
*have done three loads of laundry
*cooked me a yummy breakfast
*did a load of dishes
*cleaned bella's room
*cleaned bella's drawers out
*cleaned bella's closet out

whew!! and now i have a shit load of stuff to take to the thrift store up the street.

this picture doesn't even show it all. how can one home have this much crap in it? whats a shame is that this isn't even everything. i have more cabinets and mike's closet to clean out...oy vay!

okay, off to fix bella and me lunch and tackle a few more projects.

oh how i wish i was a stay at home mom.


Greta said...

i have a question...why is mikey at daycare instead of school? Is school out for something?

beki said...

I never get stuff like that accomplished when I stay home!

V said...

Poor Poopey Bella!!! That sucks for the both of you! I remember this one time when I was preggo, Ryan was almost 2, well Ash had one of those sturdy little tykes grocery carts, he wasn't feeling good that day and sat in the cart, only he couldn't get out and then he pooped and it went all over the place, I was gagging so bad, I had to call Dan home from work because I thought I wasn't going to make it, I couldn't even get Ryan out of that cart, the smell alone was causing my eyes to water...

ooooooh, I didn't mean to hijack your comment section with a poo story!!!

I'm so jealous of all you are accomplishing! Come to my house and do it for me! I can't do a thing until school is done, too much and no time!! 8)

Amanda said...

Wow! I never get that much accomplished in one day, unless I have help. 2 little ones impede my progress. Good for you!

Daph said...

Awwww, poor Bella! Holy cow, you got soooo much done, lady! You make me look like a total slacker, LOL. I hope Bella feels better soon, and here's to hoping on your next day off you can do some relaxing! :D

Jennifer said...

You really know how to use a day off! I usually spend half the day thinking about what I want to do, and then I just kind of give up and watch a movie or something.