Wednesday, March 22, 2006


not much to report around here 'cept i have got to be the first walking lobster ever!!!

okay, so i've been hitting the tanning bed (aka cancer booth as the mr. likes to call them). it wouldn't be that big of a deal if didn't plop my naked ass into a bed with new bulbs yesterday at lunch.

well new bulbs have to be the reason that i am currently bright ass red from the neck down to my elbows and knees. of course this also requires the stiff walk. ya know the one....where you can tell my looking at me walk that ever part of me hurts like hell to move.

seriously (grey's style) if i could have went to work nekkid and just stand up straight, i would have been a happy camper (and a lonely one woulda wanted to see that ;)

hope everyone is having a more comfy hump day.

oh, i almost forget to mention, they are beginning the foundation on the house. whoooooooo-haaaaaaa! hopefully i'll have pictures to share tomorrow (even though there's not much to look at but i've got to be one of "those" people now that talk about nothing other then "our builder this and that", "sheet rock is blah blah per square feet", "they are finally beginning the foundation", "do i want hardwood floors or carpet").

you get the idea.


Amanda said...

I have been there! The worst thing about tanning bed burns is that they itch. And usually in the most embarrassing places!

beadinggalinMS said...

Hi Thanks for droppin by my blog.
I did that once, just once no more for me haahaa!!

beki said...

Yikes, that doesn't sound like fun. I've never been in a tanning bed. You'd probably hate me - I tan just thinking about it.

Congrats on the house, that's so exciting.

Beth said...

I have built one house and it can be a blast...enjoy everything....don't get overly frustrated. AND....NO carpet...hardwoods all the way. And stick with the pre-fabbed ones. Real hardwoods can have too many issues/problems.

Greta said...

thank god it is friday...see you in a few for our pedicures....YAY!!

V said...

I've done that before. ouch

Jenn said...

that house is going to be just beautiful!! congrats!
I tried tanning a couple of times but being a super-fair Irish blond type I just can't do it. burn and peel is all I get. I burned my eyelids once. that really stunk! I hope you are pain-free soon!

April said...

the dreaded full-body burn. eek.

hope you feel better soon!