Monday, June 13, 2005


isabella really hasn't been feeling well all weekend (i am beginning to think that my kiddos are always sick) and due to a fever, i was unable to send her to daycare today. so i stayed home with the kiddos and took care of a buncha laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and of course took care of my lil bella-boo.

i did however find time to squeeze in some internet time and stumbled upon amy's (aka angry chicken) post about these great fabric card books she found.

this completely reminded me of stephanie's post of the fabric cards that she made.

well since the sewing machine was already out and ready on my dining room table, i decided that the time was now to try them out (note: i have been in a real crafty mood lately. must be b/c i know there is a ton of stuff that i should be doing around here to prepare for the sell of this place and then the move).

a while back i had bought a 30 pack of hallmark quarter-fold greeting card stock. instead of using them as a quarter-fold, i used my papercutter to cut them in half and just folded them in half once. plus, this option also gave me 60 cards. did i mention that i bought these at a dollar store for a buck. shame on me for only buying two packs.

i ended up making about 25+. some are duplicates and some i just didn't post pictures of. now i have a ton of handmade cards just waiting to be released out into the world :)

here are the results:


robin said...

you have been busy on here. it must be that i haven't checked in very lately because it took me about twenty minutes to catch up! where have i been?! so my quick comments on the last little while:
cuuute cards!
love the dress. love the pocket!
great apron. i too knew you could do it!
happy birthday to the mr. braciole! can i eat over?
THANKS FOR THE RAK! THANKS FOR THE PIN!! and the pattern! i just love you!
and... glad you like the bag and goodies. those are toothpicks, btw, and the seeds are a cool nasturcium varietal and SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY be planted. try a hanging basket.


KB said...

great cards, I want to make some now :)

elizabeth said...

robin, you're very welcome and i can't wait to see what you do with the pattern ;)

kb, thanks so much :)