Thursday, June 09, 2005


thats right folks, the first tropical storm of the season looks like its headed right for the gulf coast! right now its still too early to know exactly where it is going to hit but if you look down at the bottom of mississippi (the state to the far right in the projected path for those that aren't sure) right next to the alabama border (that would be the state to the right of mississippi) that is where i am currently sitting!

i really am not in the mood to have to worry about another serious hurricane season.

see alot of people who are told to evacuate are allowed to pack up their whole family and hit the road. i can't. i have to leave my husband behind while he works 12-24 hour shifts during a major storm. cops aren't just allowed to safely leave the area with their families. they have to drive their units around in the shit. last september, during hurricane ivan, me,the kiddos, and my mom, hit the road and drove five hours away to memphis while i worried about the safety of my husband (and all of our co-workers) and whether or not i would have a home to come to. i thank God every day since that we were very fortunate b/c as some of you may know, pensacola, florida was not.

so lets all say a lil prayer right now that this hurricane season will not be a bad one and that no one will get hurt and nothing is destroyed. us gulf coasters (along with all the floridians) can't handle another bad hurricane season.

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KB said...

good luck with all that (sounds scary but hopefully you will make it through with a light season), we only have earth quakes over here in Cali.