Thursday, June 23, 2005


i really love having my camera in front of my face (i just wish that i would take the time to read the instruction book so i know what each feature is for and how it would help perfect my picture....too lazy for that though ;)

i love getting a really good picture of my children. a picture that captures their mood and the moment in time. i love trying to be creative with the pictures i am taking. i love close ups more than i love farther away shots. i love taking self portraits of myself by stretching out my arm and taking the picture myself. i love taking pictures of people in their element (i.e. like my hubby only wearing a white tshirt and his undies around the house on a saturday morning).

i just love taking pictures and kick myself for not carrying the camera around with me on a regular basis.

today after dinner, i decide to take some pictures of the kiddos eating a push up and then bella afterwards taking a bath.

enjoy one of my loves!


Daph said...

Dude, you have such gorgeous happy children! Those are some really awesome pics. They turned out so clear!

KB said...

great job with your photos,they turned out wonderful. And as always your kids are adorable!

Jenn said...

too cute!!

Darcie said...

Whoa! Those are some adorable kids, and i do think I know adorable! ; )

myra said...

Awesome photos! Happy gorgeous kids!