Wednesday, June 01, 2005


well, i decided to go to the doctor today since it still felt like i had a buncha water in my ear and couldn't hear outta it. not to mention that me and mike both saw white things on the back of my throat (ughh...yuck!)

so i went to the dr. expecting to be told that i had strep throat or something. WRONG!!! i have (in the same ear) an infection in my ear drum and an infection in my ear canel. plus (can you believe theres a plus?) i have ulcers on the back of my throat (can you say gross) which i guess came from or is the same as a viral infection. so he prescribed me a buncha stuff and gave me the okay to stay off of work until monday.

so i am reporting from mike's laptop in bed (thank god for wireless connections) and trying my best to stay away from my bug-a-boos, which is so hard b/c i feel like i haven't been able to hang out with them since saturday. which totally sucks. i haven't been able to do anything.

mike, if you are reading this, i love you baby! i know you have been dealing with your own ear infections (even though i completely blame you for mine) and you have been handling EVERYTHING!!! for that i luv you more than words. i'm sorry that you have been dealing with our lil misbehaving children, the dishes, dropping off/picking up the kids from daycare, getting them ready in the a.m., feeding, and bathing them.

i luv you honey and hopefully i will be back to myself and taking alot of those chores off your hands.


♥ joleen ♥ said...

Eep! I hope you both feel better soon!!

elizabeth said...

thanks joleen! i am really hoping that i am back to my usual self by saturday. being out for a week means a ton of laundry to do :)

Jenn said...

does not sound like a good time, feel better soon!!

Daph said...

Awww, hon, I hope you get well soon! That sounds like NO FUN, so hurry up and get better, okay?! lol (((hugs)))

pretendingsanity said...

Ooooo, I hope you're feeling better!!!