Saturday, June 11, 2005


well today is michael's birthday and the other day i asked him where he wanted to go to eat. he said no where (this is prolly due to the fact that quite a few years ago we went to olive garden and i had the waiters bring him a cake and sing happy birthday. trust me, if looks could kill, i would not be typing this post right now ;)

so of course i made a big stink about the fact that it was his bday and that we were going to celebrate it. so i told him i would make him dinner and asked what he wanted. so in a joking matter, he told me braciole (pronounced: brajole). i told him fine. i told him that i would also make him cannoli. at this point he told me that he was just kidding, and i said nope, that's what you're getting.

now keep in mind, i really didn't even know what braciole so off i went to search the net to find a recipe. i was successful.

about 8:30 this a.m., i woke up to start my sauce (us italians hardly use pre-made spaghetti sauce). then it was time to start the braciole, the stuffed mushrooms, and the cannoli.

everything was delish and quite a success. we ate dinner by candlelight and listed to some cafe' music in the background.

after dinner, it was present time. mikey gave daddy a puzzle that the two of them can work on together and box of chocolate flavored cigars (boy do they smell yummy!)

bella gave daddy a box of vanilla flavor cigars.

and i gave michael a portable humidor that he can carry around with him and bring to work.

all and all it was a wonderful day (despite the fact that it was raining from tropical storm arlene).

i hope you had a wonderful birthday baby!!

the cannoli on the cannoli tubes

some cannoli finished frying

the stuffing for the braciole

the braciole starting to brown on each side

braciole all browned and ready to finish cooking in the oven

the finished braciole, doesn't it look delish?

stuffed mushrooms

finished cannoli with pistachios

its time to eat!!!

bella gives daddy his present

mikey gives daddy his present

a pretty good photograph of me and michael taken by our lil photographer mikey


joy madison said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, looks YUMMY!!!

KB said...


Wow that looks so good !

elizabeth said...

girls it was yummy! i need to still post the recipes. it was all pretty easy once i got the hang of it ;)