Friday, June 03, 2005


and boy did i get spoiled. madelyn (aka ruggedchick)over on glitter was the glitterati who had my name and just look at the wonderful stuff she sent me.

oh and if you couldn't already tell, the color i picked was orange.

if you can't tell from the picture, i will give ya a run down of all the orange yumminess that she sent:

*cheese pringles
*reeses peanut butter cups
*skittles that came in a light orange pkg.
*a tropical nerds rope
*orange pom poms
*a boo-koo of beads
*two (count them two) skeins of yarn
*a sharpee
*a beautiful orange/brown silky scarf
*goddess soap
*mango scented soap
*orange tic tacs
*peach lipgloss
*orange lipgloss
*mango scented candle
*orange lei (sp?)
*homemade orange/green bracelet
*garfield coloring book/crayons
*and a book

whew! i think that's it. can you believe that she sent me all that wonderful orange stuff???

thanks madelyn (((hugs)))

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