Sunday, June 12, 2005


ya know, a few weeks ago, i signed up for typepad's free 30-day trial due to a problem i have been having with blogger. i would like to make the move, but i don't want to lose all the years worth of posting that i have here. i really don't want to make a link in a post and have everyone hop on over to the new site, i wanna be able to take all my links with me.

is this possible?


robin said...

Sorry, I can't help you.....I am brand new to blogging and can barely spit out a post let alone transfer to a new site. Anyway, love your site and by the way, you have the cutest kids!! :)

Jenn said...

you could ask hillary from wee wonderfuls. she is super nice. I emailed her with some questions before I moved to typepad. she has an email me thing on her site. I will try to remember to email my address to you. sorry about that. I am terrible with email. love the apron! the dress is so cute!!

pretendingsanity said...

you might also think about moving over to squarespace. I'm sure Joelene would help you figure it all out.

Just let us all know where you go!