Saturday, June 25, 2005


well, today on our way to walmart, we stopped at the property to see what kind of progress they are making on clearing the land. they are making pretty damn good progress. its funny, when i see it almost cleared, my stomach does flip flops. i look at the land and picture my soon to be pretty white house on it and i am just elated!

i have to share though what you see when you first drive in the subdivision (now keep in mind, this is a regular neighborhood just like any other neighborhood except for the fact that it is placed in the country).

thats right folks...steer (i believe that is the correct name)!

and there is more than one. should i worry about the kiddos riding their bikes???

now onto the land. there are a few shots here, and its kinda hard to see the difference in some of the shots, but i wanted to take angles of the different areas of the property. pretty much the first shot is the most left part of the property, second picture the middle, the third is the most right part of the property. the fourth picture is going back towards the left. hope that makes sense.

notice the "bad boy" on one of the pieces of equipment. would it help if i told ya that the guy who is clearning the land has been in jail?? i'm not kidding.

this is the view i will see when i sit on the front porch.

one of the pine trees that have been pulled.

pretty view of the sun through the trees.

and proof that i was really there :)


V said...

Looks great! You must be excited.

V said...
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pretendingsanity said...

jealous, jealous, jealous.

will you invite me over when it's done?