Wednesday, June 22, 2005


tonight, after dinner, i began to hand out icecream sandwiches while we were all sitting at the table. while i was unwrapping the first sandwich, mikey asked me if it was his. i told him no it was for bella, ladies first. mikey proceeded to give me the "aww man" face and i told him that ladies were first. i also went on to say that that we needed to teach his generation chilvary b/c it is DEAD (lets face it ladies, i think its even beyond DEAD!!!).

so i gave bella her sandwich, unwrapped mikey's, gave it to him, and then asked mike if he wanted one. he said yes and i handed him one.

mikey said to me "aren't you having one?" and i said yes, i'm having one. and he said "i thought it was ladies first".

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Candice said...

So what is this swapping thing I hear y'all writing about so often?