Sunday, June 19, 2005


happy father's day to the best damn daddy i know. every day that i look at michael, i see how lucky i am to have mothered children with a man who is so selfless. a man that has never one minded changing a poopy diaper or giving a lil one a bath. a man who loves giving out hugs and kisses as much as he loves receiving them. a man who works very hard to support his family. a man who loves to spoil his children with whatever they want.

a man who looks at his children and at times gets teary-eyed for the love he has for them. a man who loves his children with all his heart.

i love you michael and the kiddos love you very, very much!!!

this morning for breakfast, we woke michael up with a very loud "happy father's day". i cooked him french toast and bacon for breakfast which he thought was yummy.

for his present, me and the kiddos chipped in and bought him a beautiful (and very much needed) cigar humidor cabinet for all his cigars. currently he has made humidors out of coolers and not only is he running out of room, but they look ridiculous in the bedroom (not to mention, that is not how he is going to keep them in the new house). so in a few days it should arrive and i just have my fingers crossed that its big enough (it holds up to 500)!

i hope you all had a happy father's day with your hubbies or your fathers!!

sitting down for our father's day breakfast.

mike opening up his present.

mike's new humidor.

mike's new humidor.


Candice said...

Did you steal my hubby? Maybe they are cosmic twins! Good job, mama, on finding
such a catch!

pretendingsanity said...

oh, wow, what a gift! And very ironic, I got my dad cigars for fathers day.