Sunday, July 24, 2005


now i know last week i bitched and complained about sundays, but that was sunday afternoons. sunday mornings are a different creature all together.

i woke up refreshed this morning (despite the fact that me and mikey shared a twin sized bed last night) and felt the need to once again fix allison's fruit salad. oh its so yummy. i also made some wildberry muffins (martha white mix) and some french vanilla coffee. me and bella (she was having her almost third breakfast for the morning) sat at the table and we looked at the gooseberry patch catalog that came in the mail.

breakfast was delish!!!

mikey is currently watching hunter quietly in his room and lil ms. bella is down for a nap. we will be getting ready shortly to go to my mom's for bc's bday party. i am bringing deviled eggs. i have never made deviled eggs before, so i relied on good ol recipezaar to help me find a good recipe. i haven't assembled them yet, so i will let ya'll know how they went. if they are good, i'll post a pic and the recipe.

i am hoping to get a few more loads of laundry done before we leave. if not then before i go to bed. i took tomorrow off of work to take care of my bug. so i am wanting to devote the day to finishing july's pink lemonade apron for tie one on. i would also like to make lil aprons for me and my mom to wear at our garage sale this upcoming saturday. it will come in handy for holding our price stickers, change, etc. i don't know if my mom would actually wear it though. but i have some monopoly money fabric that i think would look cute. esp. since we hope to make lotsa money :)

speaking of monopoly money, i recieved my package from glitter's favorite thing swap. i, of course, choose games and krystle sent me the most awesome pkg:

*razzles card (i'll talk about that in a minute)
*desperately needed pens
*monopoly community chest/chance cards bookmark
*handmade monopoly money picture frame (pure brilliance)
*handmade hi ho cherry-o notebook
*handmade monopoly gameboard notebook

thanks krystle!! i loved everything.

now about the card. i am in love with the card and when i turned it over to see where/who made it, i noticed that it was made by taschen who also made the book krazy kids' food! vintage food graphics which i bought at old navy and luv!!!! if you love graphics, esp. vintage, you must go check out their website. i just saw a vintage halloween graphics book that i.must.own!!!

oh yesterday while i was surfing around, i found this website full of japanese jewelry goodness! i want almost everything they sell. the only bad thing is i can't read japanese and i have no idea how much anything is. but it is a great site for inspiration. now only if i knew where they bought their beads/buttons. anyone have any ideas for great bead/button websites?

okay, one more thing, below is what i made for dessert last night. i had some cherries that i need to use and since we had cheese enchiladas and these lil tostido scoops things i make (see below for recipe, i decided to make a mexican-type dessert.

so i took some foil and waded it up into a ball and sprayed both the foil and a tortilla with pam. i sprinkled cinnamon on the tortilla and draped it over the ball of foil, and attempted to make a bowl shape. i then sprayed the outside of the tortilla with pam and sprinkled with cinnamon/sugar. i then baked them in the oven until they were golden brown. once outta the oven, i filled with icecream, homemade whipped cream, chopped fresh cherries, and mini chocolate chips. they were really good.

bella enjoying hers.

elizabeth's mexican scoops

line a baking sheet with foil and spray with pan. place tostido scoops about an inch or so apart on the baking sheet.

take a can of del monte's savory sides rio grande vegetables and place a spoonful in each tostido's scoop.

top with some shredded cheese.

bake in a 375 oven until cheese is melted.



Daph said...

Please come live with me! I want to have fancy pants Sunday breakfasts and Mexican desserts!

C'mon, we have a pooooooooooool!


KB said...

all of that food loooooks and sounds sooooo Goood!!!! Oh my :)