Tuesday, July 12, 2005


just a few other things that are going on....

*i am not getting contacted via email when a comment is made here. i have no idea why. i guess another reason that i stick with blogger ;) so if you make a comment and you don't hear from me, its 'cause i don't know ya said something unless i visit the blog-a-roni myself and see that a comment has been made.

*i am currently working on two swaps. the "my favorite thing" swap over on glitter and the july swap over at the snail mail project.

*i am also working on getting stuff to the storage unit, stuff in the garbage, or stuff to my mom's for a garage sale. i am hoping to have this place up for sale by the end of the month so we can start building our new dream house.

*i just took the best bath with as hot as i could handle water and a bath bomb from lush.

*since the beginning of the year, i have lost a grand total of 30-friggin-pounds!!! i am super excited. i have not dieted. i have only watched the amount of food that i have eaten, made those food choices as wise as possible, gave in to cravings, drank more water, laid off any soda that wasn't diet, and excepted that it was going to take time.

*now i just need to start exercising to lose some more and to tone things up. however, i have to wait until after next tuesday when i go to the orthopedic surgeon to see what the hell is wrong with my right knee. you would not believe the crunchy noise/feeling it makes when i walk up and down the stairs. and boy does it get sore. i am hoping that it is nothing too serious.

*mikey starts kindergarten in a few weeks and i can't believe my baby is a big boy now.

*bella's new favorite thing to say is "awwww man!" when she doesn't get what she wants.

*i am glad to be back and up to date with the ol blog-a-rooni!!!


Jenn said...

goodness! so much to read here, I am catching up on your posts. I have never been to Disney so I always love to hear about people's trips there...my husband is dying to take our kids. it sounds fab except for the hurricane and the sinus infection (poor thing!)
30 lbs? good for you! I just started weight watchers last week and I have lost a grand total of 2. but I, like you, have decided it will take time. and better a 2lb loss than a 2lb gain!

pretendingsanity said...

wow! congrats on losing the weight!! I'm jealous.