Tuesday, July 12, 2005


well, as i stated in an earlier post,i was gone for a week at a conference for work in orlando. well, i failed to mention that the conference was being held at the disney dolphin resort and we got to stay at the disney yacht club. and lemme tell ya, the hotel was gorgeous!!!!

mike was able to go with me and the kiddos stayed with my mom. me and mike were getting a week long vacation!! i was so excited. my boss and a couple of other people from work went also.

now don't get me wrong, we did some work at the conference but we also had a lot of fun. we went to the magic kingdom, epcot, downtown disney, and did some eating out at some restaurants in downtown orlando.

we did some shopping and the kiddos made out like bandits since i had the major guilts about not bringing them. they didn't even know "exactly" where we were at. i even broke down and cried at epcot b/c i felt so bad. i cried while i was eating one of the mickey mouse icecreams (even though i was disappointed that they were now 100% completely covered in chocolate unlike the ones when i was lil where mickey's head was vanilla icecream and only his ears where dipped in chocolate. it was still delicious though ;)

unfortunatly, i came down with a really bad sinus infection on monday and that kinda put a damper on things for the last four days. i couldn't talk, i couldn't swallow anything, and all i really wanted to do was stay in bed. i do think i was a good sport though and made though the parks as best as i could.

while we were at disney, i wasn't able to speak to mike the whole day. we stood in line at splash mountain for about and hour and a half and i think i said two words...lol...i joked that i was more quiet that day that i have been the past 6 years of our marriage put together.

we had a load of fun and since i have been home, i sure have been missing that hotel room and boardwalk. even if it was so friggin' hot and humid and i walked around looking like i just got out of the swimming pool (and believe me i hadn't).

you can view the photos from our trip here.

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