Sunday, July 24, 2005


so like i mentioned before, we went to my mom's house today for bc's bday party. we got there and of course my mom had enough food to feed an army. we were all noshing on snacks while my mom and bc got the grill going. once the grill was nice and hot, my mom started to put on the chicken and beef kabobs that she made for dinner. bella went outside with her nonna (my mom) to play. we were all inside in the living room chattin' it up.

at that point, i thought that i heard bella laughing but my mother instint wasn't sure if it really wasn't her crying. i got up and started to jot to the back door when i heard my mom calling for me. bella was crying in pain and had dirt all over her. my mom had that panicked look on her face while i gave bella a good overall look. my mom said that bella was climbing up the lil swing set/fort thing in her back yard and had gotten up to the first or second bar (note about 2 feet from the ground) and had turned around and said "nonna look at me" and then that is when she fell. she def. landed face first with all the dirt on her face. after i took a good look at her, i thought she looked fine, however, she was still crying in pain and her left arm was just kinda hanging there, all limp like. we thought that she had done something to her arm, but she was able to bend it and such. for about 15 minutes, we were all taking guesses as to what could be wrong. there were only certain times that she really cried out in pain, but she wouldn't say where she hurt (she normally points to her boo-boo to let us know where she is hurt). so i took her upstairs to lay down with her. mike came up and then my mom. my mom was really concerned about that left arm. my mom then bent it again and told us that we need to take her to the hospital. she could feel the break.

so a very panicked mommy and daddy drove her to the hospital. i kept asking mike "are you sure you think its broke?" due to the fact that he felt it also and i wouldn't even dare attempt to move her arm. i was alreay about to throw up at the fact that something had happened to one of my children.

we get to the emergency room and note there was a full room. i was already stressing out and now i am pissed thinking they better take us first. well they did. bella was a brave lil girl and had her xrays done.

the result: a fractured radius and ulna (aka two bones in her forearm)

and apparently children normally break one or the other. its pretty rare to break both. so they were able to wrap her arm and put it in a sling. the orthopedic of course was not working today, so i have to take her tomorrow to his office to get a lil cast put on it. the good thing is, apparently children heal a lot faster than adults so i guess she will be wearing a cast for about 4-6 weeks.

my poor lil bella. she is doing fine now. once we were done at the hospital, we went back to my mom's, who of course was on the verge of calling the hospital to see what was going on since my cell phone was dead and mike didn't have his with him. we ate and everything was normal besides the fact that my baby was walking around like this

she's in bed sleeping soundly now (thank God for pain medication) but i keep having the urge to run in there to see how she's doing. i have been in and out of her room since we put her down.

my poor lil girl. oh how i wish the pain isn't that bad for her and that she can pick out a nice bright pink cast that will be her newest pretty (jewelry/accessory).

so neeless to say, its been one hell of a day.


KB said...

OMG Poor thing!! She looks awfully cute in that little picture, heartbreaking but cute as can be. Best wishes with getting the cast and all else that comes along with 2 recovering kiddies.

myra said...

I hope Bella feels a lot better soon. Poor sweetie. She looks so brave in the picture.

elizabeth said...

thank you gals so much!!! i keep looking at her thinking "i can't believe she broke her arm!!"

debbie said...

Oh Elizabeth, I can honestly say I know how you feel. My boys are 13 months apart and when they were little we had times like these that just seemed so horrible. How lucky these children are to have you as a mom. They are loved very much. And they do mend quickly, thank God!!