Saturday, July 23, 2005


monday, since i only worked one hour out of the day due to doctor appointments and errands that didn't get ran over the weekend, i decided that i would stop by my local thrift shop. this one is literally right down the street and for living in the country, that is saying a lot.

the store isn't that big, but it is very clean and has some cute things in it.

i bought the kiddos some more books (i am on a big book buying kick right now, especially books for isabella's collection).

i got mikey these great maze books for his recovery time. i couldn't believe that they didn't have pencil/pen marks in them already. how lucky!!

i also bought them out of zippers. how could i resist? they were about 15/$1. i really want to start making zippered pouches for christmas time and they will become lil extras in some swap packages.

then i bought this great ribbon. i am already inspired by the black and red ribbon.

i may try and hit a few other thrift stores during lunch next week. i am on a mission for more buttons which is so sad b/c i have a ton of them in the other room. i really shouldn't be bringing any more stuff in this house (since i am trying to get rid of stuff) and spending money.

oh well! we'll see.


debbie said...

Let's swap!! :o)

pixelgirl said...

Lucky duck! I have the worst luck thrift shopping - although once I did find a David Hasslehoff 12" vinyl and that was unexpectedly cheeseball cool...

Daph said...

Wow, those are some awesome finds! Our thrift stores are *never* that clean, and the stuff isn't in very good condition, except the furniture. But who needs more furniture? I'd rather have cool books and zippers, LOL!