Saturday, July 30, 2005


well, my lil brother david came home today from the navy. so i invited him and mom over for a cookout. we had loads of fun and had some good food today and then watched some tv. mike took mikey to the movies since its his last summer weekend and mom, david, and myself caught up on some junk on mtv. bella had fun running around scaring all of us b/c we thought she would fall and break her other arm.

on a side note, the bobbsey twin books that i won off of ebay arrived today and i squealed in delight. i don't know if i have mentioned it before, but my mom had the bobbsey twin series when she was lil and my aunt had nancy drew (jealous!!! esp. if she still has ya aunt madelyn?).

so due to the fact that my mom DOES NOT READ ANYTHING and that she held on to a few of her books over the years, she gave them to me when i was younger. there were only a few left and since i READY EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING i have held on to them. when i found out i was pregnant will bella, i decided that i would try and buy her the whole set (which i believe is about 72 books and the ones with the lavendar spine copyright 1961 or so). so here and there i have been picking up bobbsey twin books when i would see them at bookstores or antique shops. i almost won a complete set one day off of ebay, but at the last 4-friggin-seconds, someone out bit me and i didn't have time to go higher.

so anyway, i got her more books (even though 5 or 6 of them are duplicates) and can't wait to complete the set. now i just need to write up a list of the ones she has and put it in my purse so i don't buy anymore duplicates.

sorry for the boring post. i wanted to work on more owls while my guys are at the movies, but i think that i am going to hit the couch with my sex in the city dvds.

also, hopefully tomorrow i will have some exciting pictures of something else i am trying to score off of ebay that i am so excited about. if i get these, they will inspire my craftroom in the new house.


Jenn said...

I had those too! I love searching for books I remember having when I was a kid. so much fun!

Jessica said...

I loved watching Sex and the City! We have kids requesting the Bobbsey books here at the library.

pretendingsanity said...

Hey, I'm starting to worry about you. Is everything ok?

Hope so!

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