Thursday, July 28, 2005


here are a few facts about these wonderful needles.

*i think every scarf (the only thing i know how to i have knitted with these needles
*they are size 10
*i bought then when i learned how to knit
*i love that they are wooden
*and how the yarn just glides over them
*i love how they feel in my hands
*i love how they are big but not too big
*i simply love them

the past week i have been nutso over scarf making. it is so friggin relaxing. this is prolly why i am kinda intimidated about learning how to do anything else, i'd have to count things and such :) so here are the two of i have made:

i luv this scarf. i wanted it to not have hanging ends. so i when i was done with it, i took the two ends and handstitched them together. so now when the fall/winter rolls around, i am going to loop it around my neck. i love it.

this right here is pure heaven. i bought this yarn the day i learned how to knit and have been sitting on it (well not literally) since i bought it almost a year ago. i didn't want to use it. i luv the color and it is so darn soft i didn't want to mess anything up. i decided to just go for it, its only an hour+ ride to go buy more. i am so happy with how it turned out. i know its just the basic knit stitch, but the yarn really makes it.

maybe one day, i will go back to and learn how to purl correctly and knit something other than a scarf ;)


Daph said...

Oh, I love the colors of both of those scarves, they are just too pretty!

I think I should motivate myself to get out of my acrylic rut and try different types of yarn, because that might inspire me to crochet more, ya know?

I sooooooo wish I could knit, though!

lyn said...

Thankyou for your lovely comments and I LOVE those owls !

robin said...

niice! knitting is relaxing... even purling! i love all of my first needles too. i bought a roll at an antique store (not antiques) with most sizes. they are the colorful metal ones and some of them will begin to tarnish my hands on a bigger project. i've had them for years, the girls have bent at least half of them, and i have lots of nice needles to choose from now but i still pull out the metals from time to time!

Jessica said...

I can only knit scarves too! No purling yet! :) I thought I may be the only one!

debbie said...

I'm glad to know some knitters are like some of us crocheters and use one stitch to make everything! I can crochet a scarf (or blanket, just a bigger scarf) and that's all I do successfully. I think your scarves are lovely and a very clever loop idea on the first one!

Jenn said...

I can't knit at all. I want to learn but I am afraid the supplies for one more hobby will not fit in my house...

elizabeth said...

thanks for the lovely comments gals!

its too bad that we don't all live closer and we can learn to knit (or knit better together :)

pretendingsanity said...

I have some wooden needles just like that that I love too. I'm always looking for yarn that will fit on those needles.