Tuesday, July 12, 2005


while while we were on our trip, we heard that there were a couple of storms in the gulf. tropical storm cindy hit while we were gone and brought a lot of rain at home. when we came back, we had to prepare for dennis.

we knew dennis was a strong one, it had peaked at a high 4 (for those of you that are unfamiliar, hurricanes are ranked on a scale of 1-5; 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).

so mike prepared for his 12 hour shifts and i packed up me and the kiddos and headed to my mom's house. she had the windows all boarded up and we were ready for dennis with all of our junk food and water.

as you all well know, dennis ended up hitting poor pensacola again and we were once again spared. i owe that to all the praying i did before hand and all the fingers you guys had crossed :) we only ended up getting a lil bit of rain and some strong wind gusts. we were able to go home by sunday evening.

now that dennis is over, we have to worry about emily. emily is supposed to be in the gulf by sunday and of course it is still too very far out to know where it is going to hit.

i tell ya what, we are only a month into the hurricane season and i am already sick of it. i have to worry until november.

i just wish our house was built.

oh, and robin i didn't get any crafting done. me and my mom watched junk tv ;)

you can view more hurricane pictures here


Sherry said...

I don't miss the 12 hour shifts. You have beautiful children!

elizabeth said...

sherry do i know you?

Anonymous said...

poo poo! oh well, we need junk too!

Anonymous said...

hey, that was me, robin who just posted. it wont let me write my personal info... could this be part of your problem with blogger??

Sherry said...

you knew me when I worked for Biloxi and before I moved to Colorado. Mike gave me your blog address.

elizabeth said...

sherry, i figured that was you but when i asked mike if he gave you my blog addy he said he didn't think so. he couldn't remember...lol. so how ya doing girl?

how's life in colorado? and glen?

Sherry said...

Doing good but I miss the South. It is different here. Back in law enforcement though. Glen is doing good. Men have the worst memories. E mail is sdeveau124@yahoo.com. Love to here from you.

Anonymous said...

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