Sunday, July 17, 2005


and this is why, i wake up and i don't feel like doing anything. i spend all day laying around watching whatever is on lifetime (and i have both regular and the movie network) or whatever is on mtv. i don't do anything. i may take a nap, i may fix the kiddos lunch (just kidding, they do get lunch).

and then, around 430 in the evening, i get a huge burst of energy to do all the things that i should have been doing since 7 when i woke up. i wanna do laundry, fix something delish to eat, clean up the kitchen, craft, pay bills, etc.

why is this? does anyone else experience this? i mean sundays are so hectic with trying to get everything ready for work/daycare the next a.m. and having the kiddos in bed early.

so getting the mojo juice at 430 is a lil inconvenient.

okay, enough ranting and off to finish:

*paying already late (i'm sure) bills
*folding a load or two of laundry
*throwing another load in
*finish getting the kids ready for bed
*eating icecream
*watching six feet under in less than an hour
*cleaning off the dining room table
*taking pics of some good mail i have recently received

see my problem?

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Terry said...

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm part of the smail mail group so that's how I found your site. I just wanted to say - my sundays are the SAME WAY! and it does suck!! I lounge all day and then around 4 or 5 I get this energy and urge to really get some things done.

I have no clue what that's all about - but I'm glad I'm not the only one!