Saturday, July 23, 2005


i wanted to post this yesterday once we got settled in at home, but me and mikey spent the rest of the day in his room watching season 2 of hunter!

mikey did really well yesterday (and so did i surprisingly ;). the staff at the outpatient surgery center were fabulous. mikey got to wear the cutest lil hospital gown and we got to go back with him while we waited for them to wheel him off.

the whole procedure took about 20 minutes and when it was over they called us to go back there for the 2 hour recovery part. that part was a lil rough at first b/c mikey wasn't thrilled with the iv in his hand and just wanted to go home. the great part was that they had these huge recliners that i got to sit in and hold him. so he wasn't just laying in a bed. i think that helps in the comfort area.

after the two hours were up, he woke up and got to eat a popsicle before he left. which surprisingly he was able to eat.

he was the bravest lil boy that i have ever seen. he didn't cry before he went back or anything. the doctor's said he did great!! i am so proud of you mikey!! i luv you.

he is doing really well except for the fact that he is aggravated that he can't have any chips :)

thanks to everyone who had encouraging and comforting words for me and all who wished mikey well :)

one last time to see the tonsils.

mikey is his space hospital gown.

me and mikey before he got wheeled back.

afterwards, just waiting to go home.

you can see more pictures here.


pixelgirl said...

ooh, that gives me butterflies in my tummy. my little guy had his adnoids removed and i think i was more scared than he was!

yay mikey! eat lots of ice cream!

KB said...

glad he's doing better :)