Tuesday, May 16, 2006


i am soooo behind on my scrapbooks its not even funny. bella is three and i think i only have about half a dozen of pages done for her.

well, that is about to change...lol.

now that things have settled down a bit, i have all sorts of ideas running through my head. thank goodness the mojo is here.

i've also decided to start a family album. all the things we do as a family will be scrapped in this album. i've also decided that this album will be 12x12. this is the first time i have ever worked with 12x12 (i'm a 8.5x11 kinda gal).

here's my first page for the family album. i'm pretty pleased with the results. this page was inspired by the dvd packaging on that jennifer aniston/kevin costner movie...sorry, its a lil early and i can't think right now :)


Laura said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

V said...

That is so cute!!!!! I can't wait until after my final tomorrow, I want to scrap scrap scrap!!!!!

Greta said...


Adrienne said...

Great job!!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

Rumor Has It??? was it good?
I love the page it reminds me of a page I saw in the new MM book, very cool.

Jamie said...

very very cute girl! keep it up! :)

Pink Rocket said...

WOW!!! Serious MOJO here!! That's awesome!

Colleen said...

OMG I love this

i'm behind too
i'm wondering if we ever catch up

elizabeth said...

*thanks* gals!!!

spazzgirl: i haven't seen the movie {note to self: must add it to netflix queue} but i've seen the commerical for it and that is where i saw the box.

pink rocket: you have got to start scrapping girl. you'd love it :)

colleen: even if i get a week to do nothing but scrap from sun up to sun down, i still wouldn't be halfway caught up :(

Anonymous said...

haven't seen the movie but love the layout, especially the photos on diff color cs.


Miss Carrie said...

Love this layout...I like that little heart in the corner. Is that a Heidi Swapp ornament? SO jealous...they are so hard to find!