Sunday, May 14, 2006


i hope ya'll had a wonderful mommy's day and got to spend a lot of time with your kiddos.

the only thing that i wanted for mother's day was breakfast in bed (and of course the opportunity to sleep in past 7 a.m.).

and i got both!!!

check out my breakfast (that i ate while watching murder she wrote....who could ask for anything more).

can you say yum!!!! here's the menu:

*mike's famous pancakes (he makes the BEST pancakes)
*egg white/cheese omelet
*veggie sausage patties
*cafe au lait

it was sooooo good and better then anything that could have been bought at the store.

here' i am with the fam. now here is where i get really, really brave. i mean i'm posting slight-hangover pictures minutes after i wake up. i am bold ;)

after breakfast, i got busy on making my mom's mother's day presents. yes, i know i waited till the last minute, but i've been uber busy and quite frankly, it was also a lil present to myself by getting the opportunity to scrap.

a scrapped and framed picture of the kids. this is the best picture i have of the kiddos that was taken the night of bella's bday. i can't wait to scrap it for myself.

a magnet of mikey using a cd for the base. love this idea and will be doing more of these.

a magnet of bella

after we were all ready, we hopped in the car and drove to my mom's for pizza.

i had a wonderful mommy's day and i hope that ya'll did too!

see ya tomorrow :)


Greta said...



V said...

How nice! I got breakfast in bed as well, it was so nice. I also went back to sleep for a bit after I had breakfast! It was a NICE day and I made a KICK ASS coconut pie for my mom that everyone ate up! I felt all "Elizabeth" while baking because I'm not a big baker unless it's brownies! LOL!

Glad you had a great day!

Pink Rocket said...

happy mother's day! it sounds like you had a wonderful day!

the cd magnets are such a great idea! what a way to use those freebie AOL one's that come in the mail! have you seent he new boes for those with the magnets on the side? i was thinking about covering the box with paper and making some sort of frame withe them.

toya said...

it's so good to see you spent a great mommy's day,, yummy breakfast, beautiful kids and great layouts.

Colleen said...

ok, i seriously am hungry now
what a decadent breakfast
and those magnets are rockin!

so glad you had a great mother's day!!!

kristi sauer said...

That breakfast looks soooo good!! What a great family you have! Happy Mother's Day!

tulip said...

What a great family! super pictures. :) That's what I'll be asking for for Mother's Day 2007!!

Laura said...

I've NEVER had breakfast in bed! Good for you!

Adrienne said...

YAY FOR YOU!! Looks good!

Anonymous said...

Oh Eliz,
I would so like a copy of that pix of the kids that you scrapped for Juls. Could I beg for a copy of it so I can have it at home and make a copy for my office wall at work? I really would love to have a copy. Please??? Have I begged enough? Ha, ha, ha! Great Auntie M. would just be smiling all day!
Love catching up with your news here. Take care,
Love ya,
Auntie M.