Saturday, May 06, 2006


well, the day started off wonderfully. i got to sleep in (7:30 is MAJOR sleeping in) drove down the street to get some donuts from the local donut shop and drank some yummy chocolate milk.

we're now off to jcpenney's to go get bella's some shoes for the wedding me and her are in next saturday and then to mason's bday party at the fun factory! the kiddos love it there.

i got mason a lil canvas tote to put his presents in (instead of a paper gift bag...paid the same price for it too) and then painted an "m" on it. super easy and super cute (if i do say so myself). i def. think i am going to do this from now on for the lil people in my life.

i also made his lil bday card.

then once we get home from the party, i have to get ready to go to a bachelorette party (for the bride who's wedding we'll be in next saturday). there will def. not be much drinking tonight and hopefully it won't be a late night as i have a ton to do tomorrow and cannot spend the day on the couch nursing a hangover.

we are getting together at one of the bridesmaid's house before we got out for a lil noshing. i am bringing cupcakes.....DICK CUPCAKES!!!

thats right folks, a yummy white chocolate penis adorns each cupcake.


hope ya'll are having a wonderful saturday.

note: sorry this post seems rambled...the fam is waiting for me to get off the puter so we can get moving :)


Pink Rocket said...

[snort] the cupcakes make me giggle!

V said...

awesome cuppy cakes!!!! LOL!! I once got something similar on my birthday a while ago....well 2 things on 2 sep occassions! LOL!!!! Hope you had fun!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that there is someone out there with the same raunchy sense of humor as me!

Toya said...

this is hilarious,, you got a great sense of humor,dick cupcakes, YUM, I bet, LOL

SpAzzGiRL said...

those cupcakes are too much! Love that!

Jamie said...

awesome cupcakes! there's the coolest bakery downtown that does nothing but dirty stuff. so cool. :)

Greta said...

so much for not staying out late and nursing a hangover huh???

Mason loves his bag..he's been toting his stickers around in it

sarah said...

oh my!
those cupcakes are FUNNY! :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

so, were the cupcakes dicklicious?