Monday, May 08, 2006


well, as i mentioned earlier, saturday was the bachelorette party for my dear highschool friend amy.

i had NO intention on going out and getting drunk. i had planned on driving myself to the club and driving myself home. i didn't plan on getting it set up so me and my girl greta would have a DD and i could drink the night away. i def. didn't plan on getting drunk and dancing like its nobody's business (b/c after all, i can't dance worth a shit).

i didn't plan on any of that, but shit, am i glad it happened.

i had *so* much more fun that i thought i would have. me and greta drank our usual crown and diet coke (okay it was diet pepsi) and i swear, it was 90% crown, 10% soda. then us two genius' were drinking that shit with straws and using it as a thirst quencher from all that dancing.

seven crown and coke's (ehhmm..pepsi) later, we were three sheets to the wind.

i danced so much i am still paying for it. oh, speaking of paying for it.... you woulda thought all of that was enough, but no, we have joe-mike (greta's best gay guy friend) pick me and greta up and take us to the gay bar (love this joint) and had a blast there. thank God i had stopped drinking at that point b/c i was gooooood to go.

so after that, the three of us piled in the jeep (joe mike was sober) and drove back to greta's. had a few smokes and then hit the three-fuckin'-o'clock in the a.m.

i hardly slept at all. i think i prayed more that i wouldn't throw up in greta's house. seven a.m. rolled around and i hopped in my car and drove that loooooong way home to the country. i walked in the door, kissed mike, told him i had to go throw up, hit the shower to wash that drunk/bar smell off of me, mike made me toast, and then i slept until 12:30.

and if that wasn't enough, i danced so much (and did God knows what kind of moves) that my abdomen and legs are friggin' killing me.

but hey, at least i got some exercise right????

here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :)

me and greta doing our usual self picture

the jordan sisters, stose and rachel

me and the bride to be getting doooooowwwwwwn

rachel and the bride to be

me, greta, and rachel

greta shakin' that ass

ya think i've had enough to drink??? i'm actually going to scrap this page. i never, ever dance b/c i think i look like elaine did on that episode of seinfeld. apparently here lately, i really don't care (thanks greta....that's b/c of you *muah*)

the other girls doing a line dance


Greta said...

my gawd....that was fun....but damn i knee was killing me with all that crazy back that ass up music i was rocking to....

vintage lilac said...

That looks like fun! And I LOVE GAY BARS!!! I swear I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body- I love antiquing, fiestaware, gay bars, etc.
And am I seeing right, is everybody wearing black and white??

Amanda said...

I am planning a bachelorette party for my sister right now (actually a weekend in Atlanta!) and you are scaring me! I don't know if I could survive a night like that at my advancing age!

SpAzzGiRL said...

OMG...too much fun! I love those pictures of you and Gret dancin', thank god you brought the camera, those are great! The last time I went "dancing" (I use the term loosely), it hurt for days. Apparently, I never use any of those muscles, ever. lol

sarah said...

looks like WAY too much fun girl...
I'm with ya . . . you know I've had enough to drink if I'm dancing.
I don't dance...I am totally Elaine when it comes to dancing!

Chris-el-da said...

omg! you have the nicest armpits ever. i know that's weird and creepy!
but it's sooo true. love that you were all color coordinated. was that planned?! haha!

Jamie said...

I'm glad you crazies had fun at least! That's awesome! Dancing is such a work out. How fun though!

You girls rock. We could party. :)

Gay bars rule. Love them!

V said...

Ah guys make me want to go out and get drunk! LOL!!! The hangover is hell when you are older though isn't it???? And I totally got a visual of Elaine! LOL!! My friend Tiff can do that dance PERFECTLY, so perfect it's scarey. Wish I could have been there girls!!! And I agree, you have awesome armpits!

Laura said...

Damn, looks like you guys had fun. I have to admit that when I was reading your blogs and you and Greta both sayin, "I'm leaving early" I was thinking, "yeah right! I bet they party and have lots of fun."

Jennifer said...

That looks like some party!

toya said...

looks like you have a great time, girl, woo hoo.

kristi sauer said...

whew!! You girls were it! Thats what bachelorette parties should be all about...whoopin it up! Reminds me of a few I was on last summer/fall!

Jana said...

So you were the one partying with Greta the other night, huh? Looks like y'all had fun! Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. I wanted to answer your question about the frames I used on my layouts...they're made by Rusty Pickle and are made out of chipboard.