Monday, May 22, 2006


what a busy weekend, but more about that later in another post.

friday night however, i did manage to sit down and scrap a page. me and greta attempted to stop at the lss (local scrapbooking store for you non-scrappers) friday afternoon, but due to an assload of traffic and needing to pick up our kiddos by a certain time, we were unsuccessful. so we stopped by hobby lobby instead.

now i really don't need anything else, but i did pick up a couple of things. scratch that, the 12x12 paper i picked up i kinda needed. all my 12x12 paper is girly and i was itching to do some pages of my bug.

so what do ya think?

journaling reads:

mommy: "who's my bug?"
mikey: "mikey."
mommy: "for how long?"
mommy and mikey: "FOREVER"

its a thing we do. we usually follow it up with an "awww" and a hug. i now do the same thing with bella. i hope this is something that i do with the kids well into their adulthood.

guess we'll see :)

hope ya'll have a happy monday and look for the weekend recap later today along with pictures of the progress of our new house.


Greta said...

Love it...that is a great page....o'neil drove me to the lss on saturday...can you believe that? i can't...

SpAzzGiRL said...

Love it!!!

Jamie said...

that is beyond adorable girl! i totally love it!!!

V said...

That is so sweet! With me and Jake it's "Jake, how much does mommy love you", Jake, "TOO MUCH". I love the colors in your layout! Anxiously awaiting the recaps!

Colleen said...

you guys are so cute
makes me want to get in on that hug

i forgot
totally diggin the page too
that paper is tight

sarah said...

how adorable is he?!
love that row of buttons too!

Pink Rocket said...

cute!! again, i am so envious of the whole "paper relationship" you've got going on...paper hates me! lol

deb said...

oh, I just love it. Love the colors, the paper and the design. so sweet! :)