Thursday, May 04, 2006


i should hop on a plane, head to new york, and give my gal pal veronica a big ol hug for posting this video on her site yesterday. i am friggin' addicted to this band of hotties. went home, dloaded some of their stuff and have been rockin' to em ever since.

now some of you folks may be thinking, whats the big deal (since i have never heard of them before i have no idea how well known they are)?

well, i only listen to my ipod or classic rock. so i don't hear all the new stuff and they friggin' rock.

thanks v!


Greta said...

their style reminds me alot to the scissor sisters...

V said...

Well I am so glad I could influence you! LOL!! My kids got me onto these guys! yep, my kids! LOL!

This group kinda reminds me of 80's music.

And yes, they care VERY hot....very.

elizabeth said...

hmmm....i really don't think they sound like the scissor sisters. i remember them having more of a techno sound to them and i think this (HOT) group has more of a punky sound to em.

but eh, what do i know about new'm still stuck in another generation ;)

Chris-el-da said...

yummm i love panic! and i haven't forgotten about you. and the bw thing on photoshop
i'll have to type it and i have finals right now.

soon baby, soon

and turn this ridiculous word verification off. driving me batty : yrbcfgxm

Laura said...

Gotta love V's influence!!!