Tuesday, May 23, 2006


i know, i know.

you guys are prolly thinking that this should be the weekend recap post (not that there is too much to report) but i wanted to post this before time got the best of me.

i'm home sick today so i figured i might as well get it done (along with the new banner...whatcha think? that is actually a street in our town...well biloxi anyway. i'm glad i got a shot of it when i did b/c katrina blew it down and they have replaced the street sign with one of those that hang up by the traffic lights and it shares a sign with the street on the other side of the road...grr!)

so anyway, yesterday was mikey's kindergarten award ceremony. it was cute. they sang songs, got certificates, and ate cake.

an exciting part was that mikey won the perfect attendance award. that's right folks. i've learned from the best (my mom)....unless you're dying, you don't stay home from school. i was quite proud when mikey won that award.

and now for your viewing pleasure:

mikey and mrs. upton

his kindergarten certificate

perfect attendance award

one of the best things about the lil ceremony is when they gave us these scrapbooks show casing some of the work they have done the past year. there was also a picture of them on the first day of schoool, a b&w of their school picture, and a handwriting sample from the first day of school and a day this month (what progress!).

this is something i will cherish forever!

"my family likes to play on the computer"--ain't that the truth!

"i'm thankful for my daddy"--how cute is that!!

"i will build a police station"--i bet you could baby!

look at how much he has improved in less then a year. AMAZING!

hard to believe that my baby is not going to be a kindergartener anymore. as of 2:25 p.m. today, he will be a first grader.

bug, i've enjoyed so much watching you grow and become smarter and smarter with each passing day. i hope you enjoy 1st grade as much as you did kindergarten.

i love you!


V said...

totally SWEET!!!! My baby has one month left of school up here until he's a first grader.....it's bittersweet huh?

sarah.b said...

How Sweet! Don't have kids but that looks like it was so much fun for him.

Pink Rocket said...

how cute!! i'm going to be bawling when jerrett goes through his kinder. graduation!! whaa! i never want him to grow up!!

Chrissie Grace said...

I love it! My oldest Logan is graduating from K too. Isn't it amazing all that they've learned this year? I'm going to do a similar post on my blog soon, I'll let you know when I do.
He's so cute. Congrats on a successful year.

Jessica said...

Hurray for Mikey's kindergarten graduation! What a cutie pie:)

Jennifer said...

It's sad to think they won't stay sweet little babies foreverr, but oh so wonderful to watch them learn and grow.

Love the banner!

MaryAnn said...

Maybe, after he's done building the police station, he can come on over and build a gazebo in my back yard? I love a man who can use Fisher Price tools!

Colleen said...

diggin the new banner chica!

angieoh! said...

What a total cutie! I am sorry you are sick this week too! bleck! At least you are getting something done (love the new banner). I used to live on an Elizabeth Street here in Green Bay! How fun!

Jay said...

What a sweetheart, and what a proud day for you.

Greta said...

i love the new banner....and i swear he is the man....i just love this post and can't eait to see th scrapbook

toya said...

aww this is such a cutie photo of him,, he will be a hot breaker,, warn those girls, lol. That was a big day for you, huh? I can imagine how proud you are.