Tuesday, May 02, 2006


the ever fab-boo jaime pointed everyone over to a wonderful pea who is taking people's handwriting and turning it into a font.

how generous is that???

i got my font back today.

isn't it great?

the only thing that is a lil different, is that i write my letters perfectly even about a few cm's above the lines on a piece of paper.

other than that, its perfect!!!!

if you want to get your handwriting turned into a font, check out the details here.


V said...

Very cool E!!!!!

Greta said...

i love it...i'll have to try that

Chris-el-da said...

alright, since you have your own handwriting font, does this mean that you're cooler than me?

can't have that. it's a competition now!

i got your email about the PS stuff. i will send some SOS your way this evening (5.3.06)

sarah said...

so cool!

Jamie said...

dude, i'm so glad you hopped on the font bandwagon! that's so awesome! your's is so cute!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

wow! soo cool!looks fab!