Thursday, May 11, 2006


...the angels got together, and decided to create a dream come true...."-karen carpenter

two or three days after bella was born in nicu.

well, today is my lil bella-boo's 3rd birthday.


you have taught me and your daddy so much in the three short years that you have been with us. you have taught us patience, more joy then we thought was possible, and have given us lots and lots of love. you can be a handful sometimes, but honestly, i wouldn't have it any other way. you are the most beautiful lil girl a mommy, daddy, and big brother could ask for.

you make us laugh everyday with the funny things that come out of your little mouth and with the dramatics you provide us with. you amaze us every day with your intelligence at a such a young age.

some of the things that you love/love to do at 3:

*curious george
*stick-lib (lipstick)
*chicken nuggets
*your daddy putting you to bed EVERY night
*hunter (just like your mommy and brother)
*put dishes that you see laying around in the sink
*going poop and potty on the big girl potty (yeee haaaawww!!)
*going to school
*dressing up like cinderlla
*blowing bubbles
*candy, candy, and more candy
*gum, gum, and more gum

we love you so much bella-boo!!! we hope your third birthday is a great one!


mommy, daddy, and bug (aka mikey)

this a.m. while eating her birthday breakfast at the local donut shop

and for those that weren't visiting last year, you can read her birth story here.


SpAzzGiRL said...

Oh, what a cutie! I love three, my favorite age...enjoy it! :)

Chris-el-da said...

awwwww she's adorable. and looks like she's a miracle while she's at it.

babies are fantastic. and you hit it right on the nose with the "three short years" To so many of us, a year is forever. and then you have kids. and then you're sitting there amidst balloons and cake and toddler speak asking, "where the heck did time go"

and now i'm crying. way to go LIZAbeth!

V said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!!!!! Karen Carpenter did sing it best and that song fits Bella, no doubt!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Bella!

Adrienne said...

How precious!! She is beautiful! Thank God for watching over her! Happy B'day to Bella!

Pink Rocket said...

Happy birthday Bella!!

Colleen said...

she is adorable!!!

i see you are cupcake obsessed too! i love that cupcake blog

Greta said...

i tell ya i just love her so much....she is the funniest ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!! May is a great month eh?

Jamie said...

Aw, yay for Bella's birthday! I hope it was so awesome! What a sweetie! :)

Jessica said...

What a doll!

pretendingsanity said...

Happy birthday bella!! You're one sweetie and you've got one great (and hot) momma!