Thursday, December 16, 2004


damn it if i'm not sick again. i've been outta work all week and finally went to the doctor today. just a bad cold. you know, all that coughin' and congestion. this couldn't have come at a worse time. i have christmas stuff to get ready for ya know. i mean can you believe is next friggin saturday! i have a ton of presents to wrap, a few more to buy, baking to do, and the list goes on and on.

while i've been out though, i have established my daytime television routine for when i am on vacation at the end of the month.

9-11 am: reruns of dawson's creek (ahhh...teenage angst)
11 am-1 pm: murder she wrote (oh j.b. fletcher, when will you be out on dvd?)
1 pm: hunter (oh rick, i cannot to receive you on dvd next month)
2 pm: judge joe brown
3 pm: judge judy
4 pm: channel surfing
5 pm: the golden girls (dorothy, blanche, sophia, & rose, hopfully i will be receiving you gals under the xmas tree)

now of course, there is a lot of flipping around during commercials. i check in on my soaps, whats going on on diynet, etc.

one more thing to add to this post. the doctor prescribed me a cough/congestion syrup. now, since i have been little, me and syrups do not get along. there have been many a times that i have thrown them up, spit them out, cried and told my mom that i refused to take them, stood there with my lips firmly pressed while the spoon tried to make its way in. hell, my mom has even gone to the point as to tell me "die then" (note: i was an older child, prolly a teenager, and this was said in frustation. no comments about how horrible she must be for saying that).

so when i got home today and it was time to meet my dreaded enemy, i had to go thru the whole preparation process. barq's rootbeer and peanutbutter crackers right there and ready & fingers squeezing my nose too tightly. so here we go, i slowly watch as my hand makes its way to my mouth. butterflies in my stomach, telling myself that "i can do this, i'm a big girl". the syrup then makes its way into my mouth. i drop the spoon, take a big gulp of barq's, and shove two peanutbutter crackers in my mouth. all the while, i am dancing around the kitchen, making noises while i chew and practically swallow whole.

finally, its down and i can rest until the four hours are up and i have to go through the whole thing all over again.

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