Thursday, December 23, 2004


mikey hasn't been feeling good again (damn germs that he keeps getting at school) but being the mother that i am, i still made him go to school for the christmas party. he had fun none the less. my mom and bella met me up there and then mike arrived shortly thereafter. they sang a bunch of songs, opened up some presents, and then santa arrived and read them a couple of stories. after that it was time to eat.

besides the fact that he has been sick more in the past 4 mos. than he has been in his whole 5 years on earth, i am really glad that i put him this school. now if i can just find a whole body suit that he can wear there that will keep him from getting sick and then getting the rest of us sick.

as you can see, bella wasn't too fond of santa. i thought it would help to tell her that he was the one that was bringing her presents in a few days. it didn't work.

mikey opening a present.

daddy and bella

*note: of course i took a bunch more pics and a few videos, but i didn't really want to post pics of the other kids. didn't want to piss some parents off ya know?

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Jessica said...

Hi Elizabeth! Just wanted to say thanks for enjoying and using my holiday tags! I'm so happy they came in handy.
Happy Holidays! Peace and love in 2005!