Sunday, December 19, 2004


well, today i woke up feeling a sense of dread and stress with the crafty things i had left to do. i am also stressing b/c i have yet to receive the fabric i have ordered for melissa's purse. i placed this order on nov. 27, so you can see why i'm a lil upset.

anyway, i made the following necklaces

i also made a bracelet to go with that purse that the fabric hasn't arrived for

some picture magnets that i made to send to mike's grandparents (along with a buncha pictures of the kiddos. i mean that is all they want afterall since they live so far away)

also made a card to put a giftcard in that i got for mom. turned out pretty cute.

and here is a card that i made a while back that mikey is going to give ms. virginia for christmas. where it says #1 teacher, that is a small chalkboard. i just used paint pens to write on it and to make the apples. i also plan on making her some cookies.

i also worked on these cute lil mice that mikey is going to give his classmates. i am going to take em to work and finish working on them there, so i will post a pic of them tomorrow.

did you craft anything today?


KB said...

Great Cards! I like the little paper bag envelope idea.

foodiechickie said...

Those are very nice!

Daph said...

Everything is so great! I especially love the bracelet with the Scrabble letter. Too cute! :)

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone for the great comments! i have been making cards lately like my last name is hallmark ;)

next week i work on my "happy new year" cards and i cannot wait to do them. what i have in mind is going to be so cute (that is if the kids cooperate ;)