Tuesday, December 28, 2004


for those of you that are unsure where i am located just by saying "gulfcoast" alone, i have included a map in this post to show ya. i am located where the big blue star is next to "mississippi gulf coast".

now that you know how south i am, i now can tell ya that on christmas day it snowed!!! i haven't seen snow here since '96. i am so glad that it did. it was bella's first snow experience. we were at my mom's (sans mike) and we got all bundled up and headed outside. even though it didn't stick and we def. weren't able to make a snowman (much less a snowball), we had fun sticking our tongues out and letting the flakes fall on em. we also had fun running around in it. i just wish that mike could have been there with us (damn stomach virus)!

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