Saturday, December 18, 2004


well, today i decided that i would do those last minute xmas shopping errands and took mikey with me. we had fun. our first stop was hobby lobby where i proceeded to pick up some things for mike to put in my stocking (he absolutely hates when i do this since he likes to buy his own things. however, i feel guilty when i buy myself stuff at this time of year). once i open my stocking, i will take pictures of em and post ;)

next was the mall to use my free $10 off at $10 coupon from jc penny's. but first we decided to grab something to eat before we shopped. we stood in a 15 min. long line at chik-fil-a for mikey a kids meal (and i must say it was worth the wait. a book in a happy meal??? i think chik-fil-a deserves a satisfied customer email from me. what a great idea). then we stood in another 15 min. line at subway so i could get my veggie and cheese on wheat sandwich. after we ate, we had to each get a cookie (of course!).

then we hit jc penny and bought mike two shirts that i know he is not going to like, but oh well.

then, the reason for my whole day out, a trip to walmart to look at the martha stewart wrapping paper. i just had to get my hands on that paper. so cute, so vintage. i stood before all the rolls, trying to decide which one i liked. picked one up and then...whoa! whats that?... my thifty voice said a $3.99 pricetag. are you kidding me??? 4 bucks for paper that is going to end up in the trash? but, you want to give your friends gifts in the cutest paper...said the not so thrifty voice. oh what the hell, two rolls go in the cart. as i proceeded to finish getting a couple of things, the nagging thrifty voice kept telling me....8 bucks for wrapping paper. you fool! so i put it back and was so proud of myself and i knew that mike would be proud of me too, so i called him as soon as we got into the car. i proceeded to tell him the story and he said "and i'm proud of you for that?" and i said "well, yeah. i didn't spend $8 on wrapping paper. i can get 8 rolls for that price at the dollar tree." and he said "oh". in other words, i wouldn't have known or even cared how much you paid for that wrapping paper.

so we then went to the dollar tree, but i decided to go into biglots before that. what a great decision. i got a ton of wrapping paper for only $1.99 each, the toys for our santa wears a badge program at work, some pringles for $0.69 a thing, and a bunch of other crap.

wanna know the sad thing about the whole wrapping paper thing. i have a butt load of it at home. just afraid i am going to run out or i am not going to want to use what i have. silly eh?

so once we get home and the mail finally decides to arrive, i got the greatest lil pkg. from lems at glitter. she sent this yarn and these glittery hair pins . what a great mail day.

now on to dinner. before me and mikey left for our adventure, i put everything in the crockpot for beefstew. once it was time for dinner, i started some rice and made some biscuits. all the while, i kept thinking that i was not in the mood to eat this. wanna know something? pizza is on its way ;)


KB said...

That's funny, I also stuff my stocking full of gifts. Gifts that I feel guilty buying for myself , so santa brings them to me! I bought a pair of little slip on shoes at payless yesterday that I am going to try to stuff in there.

Sounds like your shopping with your son went so smoothly for the amount of time and stores you stopped in. What a good boy, my son despises shopping!

Happy Holidays

Daph said...

Girl, I am so with you on the wrapping paper extravaganza. I have rolls upon rolls of it in the closet, and I buy more each and every year. Even if your hubby doesn't care, I'M IMPRESSED that you put that $8 worth of wrapping paper back. You are my hero. LOL :)

elizabeth said...

thank you daphne_blue! i needed that hero status this week ;)