Saturday, December 25, 2004


well, right now its 6:44 a.m. and i am waiting for everyone else to wake up. i hardly slept last night. both from the excitement of opening presents and worrying about mikey getting up in the middle of the night and seeing what santa brought before i could have a camera in front of his face. the tree and all of santa's goodies look lovely. i cannot wait for the kids to see it. of course i will post more on today's and yesterday's events later, but i wanted to pop in and tell everyone merry christmas and that i hope you have a wonderful day (okay, who am i kidding, no one's online right now).


Daph said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

foodiechickie said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!!!

KB said...

Hope you had a wonderful day with your family :)