Thursday, December 16, 2004


while i was waiting for my rx's to be filled at walmart, i walked around and bought a bunch of stuff i don't need (and forgot some things that i did need).

anywho, i stumbled upon the most delicious looking popcorn. i picked it up (at $2.50 a pop) and whatta ya know.

it is the most delicious stuff. the chocolate is so yummy and the popcorn is so fresh, its nice and soft.

i went to their website and guess whatelse they make?

this does this not look divine. who the hell doesn't love a cinnabon? add that taste to some microwave popcorn and you got a treat.

the funny thing is, i was just asking mike the other day, why don't we have a cinnamon bun place at our mall?


foodiechickie said...

I always forget the stuff I need and end up getting the stuff I don't need. Hope you feel better!

Daph said...

That popcorn is the BEST EVER! lol I used to eat it every single damn day when I was pregnant. :)