Thursday, December 23, 2004


wednesday evening (of course i waited until the last minute) i whipped up a couple of things to bring to work and to mikey's school. of course i was stressing out due to the lack of brown sugar at my house and one of my favorite cookie recipes calls for it. so i found another quick (okay, who the hell am i kidding, this recipe stressed me out beyond belief due to the liquidy dough and the spreading the cookie did on the cookie sheets...more about that in a minute) recipe.

okay, so here are the cookies. these cookies have a great taste and i would recommend using this recipe, HOWEVER, i added about another cup and a half of flour and please, i am begging you for your own sanity, make sure that you make the dough in 1 INCH SIZE BALLS!!! this is very important. if you make them bigger, once they hit the oven, they spread out and it looks like you are baking pancakes. i still was a lil disappointed though that they did not remain ball-like and spread out a lil, but the third batch was better than the first two ;)

the next thing i made was the peppermint bark that allison posted on her site. it is yummy! again though there was stress factor. i began to think that the pan i used was too big b/c i was wanting to spread the mixture across the whole pan and in some places you could still see the pan. so then i pushed it all back together. well, maybe i should have stuck to my original plan b/c in some places the bark was really thick. but that's okay b/c it was yummy!

the third and final thing i made was chocolate covered pretzels. last year, tommy and penny got us a huge box of these big chocolate covered pretzels. i think me and tommy ate most of the box before we left work and then he gave me another and me and mike polished them off (and i wonder why i could stand to lose a few lbs.). so this year while i was at the dollar tree, i found some pretzels that were really think and pretty big. that is what i used. i melted some chocolate chips using the double boiler deal and dipped the pretzels. i then placed them on parchment paper and then put some nonparrels (sp?) on them. they are so good and almost taste like the pretzels i ate so much of last year.

so my baking night was a disaster and i couldn't wait to be done. don't ya just hate when you have cooking days like that. i mean i was in the mood to do it (when am i not in the mood to bake?) but it seemed that everything turned out difficult. and on top of that, it didn't help that the sink was filled with dishes and the counters were covered with a whole bunch o shit (not literally).

but that's a whole 'nother post :)

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