Sunday, December 12, 2004


i was busy this evening finishing up some things. yesterday i finished a couple of scarves that i was working on for christmas presents. i do love to knit, but i must admit, that i am ready to learn a new stitch. i only know the basic one.

i'm not too worried about the recipients of these gifts seeing the pictures. no one i know in *real* life reads my blog :(

i also made this necklace to go with one of the above scarves as a gift. its like the pisces necklace i made for myself, but with different colored beads.

and as a gift to myself ;) i made the following card pin and black wire/bead necklace & bracelet. the necklace and bracelet were fun to make. i hardly use wire when i make beaded things, so this was fun. hopefully the wire will hold up (thin gauge). next time though, i need to start off with a very long piece.

i also finished working on these damn christmas cards. the ribbon i choose was a big disaster. some of the cards are tied in a bow, some of them are just tied in a not in the center, one or two cards just has red ric-rac tied in a bow, and the rest of the cards use a different ribbon and different style knot (i am so sick of looking at the damn things i don't even feel like scanning one to show ya. but i will try to scan one before i seal em in the envy's and get them the hell outta my house). guess ya know how i feel about em ;)


jo said...

I just love that first scarf, what type of yarn did you use? you had asked about my herringbone scarf, the yarn is Mano de Uragary. (silly me I never know if I should answer questions on my blog or reply to the person who asked:)You have been a crafty lil bee! I am going to link to you!

KB said...

Nice, I can't believe what a great job you are doing for being such a new knitter. smiles -Kelly

foodiechickie said...

Wow. Your scarves and jewelry are fab. You are sooo much faster than I am. I understand about wanting to learn a new stitch. I am getting a bit tired with just knit.

elizabeth said...

thanks girls!

that first scarf was just made with some cheapo yarn from walmart. i hope the friend i am giving it to likes it.

i've been watching knitty gritty on diynet this week since i have been out sick, and if you guys have diy watch it. its a great show. i am hoping that after i feel better, i will be able to tackle another type of stitch. i'll let ya know how it goes ;)