Sunday, December 12, 2004


saturday evening, melissa (greta couldn't make it) came over to play some rummy 21.

its been quite a while since we have had a game day, but it was the first time that i got to use some of my card related goodies.

this is the tablecloth that i got at an antique store in minoqua, wisconsin over the summer. i absolutely *love* it. i can't tell if its hand embroidered or if it machine made. either way, i am going to copy the design and make some napkins.

i got these wonderful glasses in milwaukee at the tip top atomic shop. i didn't notice though, until i got home, that there were two diamonds and was missing the heart. but thats okay, when i get a chance, i will see if i can search online for the missing heart glass. i love these glasses so much :)

i got these lil dishes at abc i do have all four suits, but only dragged out three of them. they are too cute and perfect for nuts, candy etc.

me and melissa had a load of fun but we missed greta tons!

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