Wednesday, December 08, 2004


on my way to drop the kids off today, i noticed my check engine light came on. oh brother! whatta bother! so mike followed me to the dealership (about a 30 min.) drive. we dropped the vehicle off and headed back to work.

when it came time to pick it up, me and mike were headed back that way. the drive requires us to drive over a bridge. once we came off the bridge, a vehicle went flying by us (we're in his unit remember) in the other lanes of traffic.

that is when i was on my first traffic stop. i was a lil nervous sitting in the car and watching the whole process. i mean, i've seen cops, i've seen police training videos on what "could" happen on a stop. plus, its been a long time since i have seen mike "in action".

but the stop went off without a hitch ('cept for the usual, "i wasn't doing anything, i was just minding my own business") and we headed to the dealership and picked up my car :)

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