Tuesday, December 21, 2004


yesterday we recd. a notice in our mailbox that we had a box at the post office that needed to be picked up and signed for. i secretly hoped that it was from my secret snowflake (since i was on pins and needles to receive it) but there was also that possibility that it was a christmas gift from a family member.

so today during lunch, my dearly beloved drove 30 mins. from work to go to the post office to pick it up. i called him to find out what it was and he told me it was for me from canada. my secret snowflake pkg!!!!

once i got back to work, i went to mike's office to get the pkg. and went upstairs to my office to open it up. it is from jessica in canada (her glitter name wasn't on the pkg.) the lovely-est of things were in it. a chocolate santa filled with candies, a wine bag with a snowman on it that was filled with polar bear droppings (chocolate covered cashews), 2 bars of soap, lavender and candy cane (yum), 2 metallic pens with the cutest lil toppers a devil duck and a kitty cat, a postcard from canada and last but not least the best lil mug that looks like it has yarn or thread wrapped all around it with a needle in the yarn/thread. it is too cute.

well worth waiting for :)


Jess and Steve said...

I'm so glad it finally arrived! I was peeking in on your blog from time to time, wondering if some scroogy customs agent was munching on the chocolate santa! I've had that problem with bringing Jelly Belly's back from a holiday in California, so I was a little suspicious! I'm glad you liked it!

Have a Glittery, Merry Christmas!

Daph said...

Awww, so cute! That mug rawks! :)

elizabeth said...

jessica, i luved it!

thanks again!