Tuesday, December 28, 2004


these are a couple of christmas presents that i made for my mom (monopoly calendar) and mike (forensic calendar).

i just used the cheapo pocket calendars that you find out there with puppies, kittens, or flowers for the covers. i got mine at big lots for 59 cents.


1. remove calendar from plastic cover

2. you will see that the calendar is probably put together by two staples in the middle. you can either remove these staples and restaple later, or carefully remove the cover ONLY and use two sided tape to adhere your new cover to the calendar.

3. after you remove the cover, trace the cover on the paper of your choice (i used scrapbooking paper).

4. cut out new cover. discard old, ugly cover.

5. use method mentioned in #2 for put your calendar back together.

6. place calendar back in plastic cover.

voila! you have a customed-eo-you calendar. very cheap and very much needed. now i just need to stop back by big lots and pick up a whole bunch more for gifts :)

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